Higher Income Nations See Harm in GM Food; Lower Income Countries Think they Help People- Crop Biotech Update (October 28, 2020) | ISAAA.org

Higher Income Nations See Harm in GM Food; Lower Income Countries Think they Help People- Crop Biotech Update (October 28, 2020) | ISAAA.org
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What I got wrong: GMO skeptic turned crop biotech advocate explains his ‘slow-motion conversion’ | Genetic Literacy Project

recent open-heart surgery put my mind, as it might, on themes relating to mortality. Which got me thinking about a quick, little Twitter thread from the
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‘Rethinking Monsanto’: Ex-GMO skeptic explains what he got wrong about Big Ag and the pitfalls of plant breeding | Genetic Literacy Project

Beginning in 2010, I embarked on a slow-motion conversion from GMO skeptic to advocate as I began developing a more nuanced
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Podcast: Regulate all food chemicals? Gin and tonics going extinct; GMO pineapple is here! | Genetic Literacy Project

There are thousands upon thousands of chemicals in food. Should we regulate them all, could we even do it? Gin and tonics might be an
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Good US demand for Semil variety of Tropical Avocados

While the Dominican Republic produces their Tropical Avocados year-round, the Semil variety of this fruit is the most demanded in the market due to its long shelf-life. The harvest for this…
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Peak of the Peruvian blueberry season now underway

The Peruvian blueberry season started off a few months ago and the exported volumes suggest that it is already at its peak. The season saw a bit of a staggered start, with some growers…
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Viewpoint: ‘Heavy’ pesticide exposure linked to cardiovascular disease? Flawed study raises ‘troubling’ questions about public health research | Genetic Literacy Project

What do the results really show?
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