Let’s Talk Farming: What’s The Scoop On Pesticides? – SAIFood

What is it that we know about pesticides and agriculture? Pesticide use is very different in crop production in comparison to our lawn and garden care. Chelsea explains when, what and why pesticides are so important to our crops.
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Viewpoint: Global policy analyst on why Europe’s goal to reduce pesticide use by 50% is dangerously misguided – Genetic Literacy Project

Alexander Bernhuber, environmental spokesman for the ÖVP in the European Parliament, is to represent the interests of EU agriculture in the negotiations to revise the EU Pesticides Regulation. From autumn, the European Parliament will be intensively negotiated about the future handling of plant protection products.
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Farmer’s perspective: In defense of judicious use of agricultural pesticides – Genetic Literacy Project

I’m no stranger to the controversy that surrounds pesticide use. However, I’d love a chance to explain the benefits I see and my thoughts on the negative perceptions.
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Viewpoint: Don’t believe fear-mongering — Here’s why trace pesticide residues in food pose no risk to to humans – Genetic Literacy Project

Everyone, including me, would like food products to be free from pesticide residues. However, the question is, would the world be able to feed itself without the use of plant protection products?
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Beepocalypse Myth Handbook: Assessing claims of pollinator collapse – Genetic Literacy Project

After a decade of debate, the causes of the mid-2000s spike in bee deaths is coming into focus. Culprits are multifactorial, a rebuke of simplistic fingering of pesticides. Time for targeted solutions.
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Viewpoint: Millions face food insecurity. Following ‘green hysteria’ in rejecting pesticides and fertilizers will make this crisis worse – Genetic Literacy Project

From 2023, the European Union will allocate 25 per cent of its direct agriculture payment budget to “eco-payments” for carbon and organic farmers. They do this as the world experiences historic starvation levels.
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Viewpoint: France’s Le Monde leads media frenzy hyping flawed study claiming trace pesticide residues wipe out benefits of eating fruits and vegetables – Genetic Literacy Project

A recent study suggested that pesticide residues in fruits and vegetables could counteract some of the nutritional benefits of consuming said produce. Are
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Viewpoint: No, trace pesticides do not make fruits and vegetables unhealthy – Genetic Literacy Project

A recent article in the French daily Le Monde speaks of a study with “impressive” conclusions. Reading it, there is reason to be worried since it does
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From the Environmental Working Group to the Pesticide Action Network, food activists claim we face killer risks from chemicals. Here’s why scientists don’t agree – Genetic Literacy Project

E coli in ready-to-eat salads? Salmonella in seafood? Spoiled ground beef? Listeria in vegetables? Pesticide traces in… everything? Each year the
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Getting to the bottom of common coffee myths | AGDAILY

From valid concerns about pesticides and mold to misinterpretations of FDA rules about allowable of insects, there are quite many coffee myths to clear up.
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