Podcast: Gene editing and public acceptance — Agricultural economist Brandon McFadden on regulatory differences in agriculture and medicine for using CRISPR – Genetic Literacy Project

Gene editing with CRISPR/Cas, TALEN or other tools allows scientists to make directed and precise changes in DNA. The technologies promise to transform
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Gene editing makes list of top 6 agricultural technology innovations – Genetic Literacy Project

Thanks to advancements in technology, farmers can now do things that were once impossible. The agriculture industry is constantly evolving from drones
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‘Prioritize science and innovation to revamp agrifood systems’: New head of UN Food and Agricultural Organization urges global commitment to new breeding techniques – Genetic Literacy Project

Director-General of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), Qu Dongyu, has made an urgent call for the transformation of
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‘Third way’ regenerative farming: Syngenta CEO calls for cooperation between organics and crop biotechnology to address food crises, sparking ‘grotesque’ rebuke from organic activist – Genetic Literacy Project

Erik Fyrwald, the CEO of the Swiss agrochemicals group Syngenta, has called for an end to organic farming to avoid a worsening food crisis. The president
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UK to relax animal and crop gene editing regulations, further distancing itself from EU rules post-Brexit – Genetic Literacy Project

New legislation will be put in place to cut unnecessary red tape for gene editing, helping our farmers to grow more resistant, nutritious and productive
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Precision fermentation: New genetic modification process could make anything from fossil-free biofuels to animal-free milk and cow-free cheese – Genetic Literacy Project

Known as precision fermentation, the process is a hot topic because it can be used to make anything from fossil-free biofuels to the animal-free milk
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How gene editing can tailor crops to consumer preferences – Genetic Literacy Project

Is there anything better than a perfectly sweet summer strawberry? Alas, many commercial berries look better than they taste. But molecular biologist
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‘Almost all crops today have been changed from their original form’: National Academies of Sciences says GMOs just most recent form of food genetic modification – Genetic Literacy Project

People have been changing plants for thousands of years.Humans started farming more than 10,000 years. Agriculture began in Mesopotamia, in the region we
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How plant breeding innovations are helping feed a hungry world – Genetic Literacy Project

As of 2019, nearly 26% of the globe’s population “experienced hunger or did not have regular” access to safe and nutritious food (FAO, 2020). With
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Gene Editing Tool Enables A to G Base Conversion in the Mitochondria- Crop Biotech Update (April 27, 2022) | ISAAA.org

Gene Editing Tool Enables A to G Base Conversion in the Mitochondria- Crop Biotech Update (April 27, 2022) | ISAAA.org
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