While consumer fears abate, cherry prices remain depressed in China

During the last week of January, inspectors in China detected Covid-19 on a shipment of imported cherries. The market saw immediate effects from the breaking of this news: prices and demand…
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South African blueberry exports rise, as does sea freight use

South African blueberry exports hit another consecutive record in the 2020-21 season, with three-quarters of the fruit shipped via sea freight.
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Blueberry import debate is worthy of the history books

Jim Prevor says that this battle over blueberries, and protecting US farmers versus providing for consumers, is truly a battle that has echoed through U.S. history.
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Viewpoint: Environmental groups attack latest crop gene-editing innovations misusing scientifically outdated 20-year-old anti-GMO arguments | Genetic Literacy Project

“Gene stacking”—the process of modifying several genes or traits instead of just one—has been around awhile. “Golden Rice” is the product of modifying
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Gene editing could produce more flavorful decaf coffee — and combat public’s anti-GMO sentiment | Genetic Literacy Project

Coffee is one of the world’s most popular drinks, but that cup can come with a price of jitters or sleeplessness. The stimulant in coffee — the thing that
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What the heck are ‘anti-nutrients’? Despite the scary-sounding name, they may have important health benefits | Genetic Literacy Project

Maybe you’re trying to eat healthier these days, aiming to get enough of the good stuff and limit the less-good stuff. You’re paying attention to things
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The glyphosate debacle: How a misleading study about the alleged risks of the weedkiller Roundup and gullible reporters helped fuel a cancer scare | Genetic Literacy Project

As biotech giant Bayer prepares to spend $10 billion settling thousands of lawsuits alleging its weedkiller Roundup (and its active ingredient glyphosate)
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Misleading glyphosate-cancer study Part 2: ‘Symptom of a widespread problem’—Concerns about ideological activism in science research and communications | Genetic Literacy Project

For the better part of four years, a coalition of environmental groups and tort lawyers (aided by the mainstream press) has relentlessly asserted that the
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Farm to Fork: Agricultural Traceability in Canada and its Benefits to Consumers – SAIFood

Deanna Bysterveld discusses how agriculture traceability has sparked conversations over Canada’s food safety and how it could be the answer to consumer concerns
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