Cropped screenshot of Carmen Miranda from the ...

Cropped screenshot of Carmen Miranda from the trailer for the film The Gang’s All Here (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Joséphine Baker: "Girdle of Bananas"...

Joséphine Baker: “Girdle of Bananas” 1926 Joséphine pictured in her most famous outfit – the legendary ‘girdle of bananas’. First seen in her debut revue at the Folies Bergère: La Folie du Jour, 1926-27, there were several variations of this costume over the years. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Gros Michel banana

Gros Michel banana (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I chose the banana as the emblem of this website because it is iconic in so many ways:

  • The common —the most popular fruit in the world;
  • The political  –banana wars, banana republics, the American Fruit Company;
  • Entertainment —Carman Miranda /  Josephine Baker;
  • Breeding –bananas are clones;
  • Biological  Realities –Gros Michel variety that Miranda and Baker famously wore was wiped out by a fungus, and the Cavendish that we now consume is under threat from a mutated version of that fungus;
  • Music  —“Yes we have no bananas” was written when the shortage of Gros Michels arose due to fungal wipeout; and
  • Biotechnology —prevent the extinction of the Cavendish. See:
  • New Products — Brazil is commenced exporting the variety prats, which unlike the Cavendish does not oxidize quickly (

Josephine Baker in Banana Skirt from the Folie...

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