Apeel and Robinson Fresh​ team up to offer limes – FreshFruitPortal.com

Apeel and Robinson Fresh have announced a collaboration to expand the availability of longer-lasting limes among supermarkets throughout the U.S.
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European Greens rebuff pro-CRISPR party faction, allege gene-edited crops ‘doomed to fail’ | Genetic Literacy Project

Martin Häusling, spokesman for agricultural policy of the Greens / EFA in the European Parliament, and Harald Ebner, spokesman for genetic engineering and
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Do GMO Bt (insect-resistant) crops pose a threat to human health or the environment? | Genetic Literacy Project

Do GMO Bt (insect-resistant) crops pose a threat to human health or the environment? | Genetic Literacy Project
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We depend on bees for 1/3 of our food? Pesticides threaten bees? Farmer challenges pollinator myths | Genetic Literacy Project

…. ithout pollination efforts, the world would still have plenty of food …. The vegetables we eat don’t require pollination (except tomatoes, which
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Viewpoint: Irrational pesticide fears discourage produce consumption and increase cancer risk | Genetic Literacy Project

Fostering fear doesn’t help us eat healthier
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