A thousand names for eggplant | The Odd Pantry

Writing the eggplant post last week left me in a quandary. Since I live in the US, calling it eggplant seems natural. But then all through my childhood I called it baingan in Hindi and brinjal in English. Some of my readers from the UK will probably want to call it aubergine, while Australians, I hear, prefer the…
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Ten Thousand New Reasons Not To Worry About Pesticide Residues

  Each year, the farmers around the world who produce our food (fruits, vegetables, grains) get the equivalent of a “grade” on a giant “group project.”   For 2014 they got another A+ as they have for many years.  The “test” entails thousands of food samples, which the USDA collects from normal US […]
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Viewpoint: Farm to Fork failure—How Europe’s ‘obsession’ with organics undermines the global sustainable farming movement | Genetic Literacy Project

Europe’s quest to confront climate change and achieve carbon neutrality is being undermined by “ Big Ag”? That’s not my claim. It’s the latest in a series
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Chile poised to tackle food shortages and climate change with ‘Golden Apple’ and other CRISPR-edited crops | Genetic Literacy Project

Chile’s intense political unrest exacerbated by months of COVID-19 quarantine has temporarily overshadowed a relentless environmental
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Pesticide hypocrisy? EU edges toward banning glyphosate after finding it safe but clears organic copper sulfate after finding it a ‘public health and environment concern’ | Genetic Literacy Project

Of all the elements the EU considers in ag regulations, science gets the shortest shrift.
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Innovation and Collaboration: The Future of Agriculture, Food Safety, and Nutrition – IFT.org

Several federal agencies unveiled strategic plans this year related to scientific research and innovations in agriculture, food safety, and nutrition. Science of food professionals will be critical to executing each of these.
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