What I got wrong: GMO skeptic turned crop biotech advocate explains his ‘slow-motion conversion’ | Genetic Literacy Project

recent open-heart surgery put my mind, as it might, on themes relating to mortality. Which got me thinking about a quick, little Twitter thread from the
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‘Rethinking Monsanto’: Ex-GMO skeptic explains what he got wrong about Big Ag and the pitfalls of plant breeding | Genetic Literacy Project

Beginning in 2010, I embarked on a slow-motion conversion from GMO skeptic to advocate as I began developing a more nuanced
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Podcast: Global population crash; Pesticide bans backfire; beef producing CRISPR male cows | Genetic Literacy Project

CRISPR could enable farmers to produce more beef from fewer cattle, boosting farm sustainability. Lawsuits designed to get pesticides and GMO crops off
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Anti-biotech groups call for EU-wide ban on disease-fighting gene drives, defying scientists’ recommendations | Genetic Literacy Project

The letter, which was sent on Tuesday (30 June), urges the European Commission to outlaw the release of so-called ‘gene drive organisms’ (GDOs), calling
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Chile advances in breeding gene-edited crops that weather climate change – Alliance for Science

Chile advances in breeding gene-edited crops that weather climate change – Alliance for Science
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Gene editing among top ’emerging innovations’ needed to reach sustainable food system, 50 experts say | Genetic Literacy Project

An international team of almost 50 experts identified 75 emerging innovations and 8 action points that can help speed up the transition to a sustainable
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