‘Vitaminized potatoes’: Guatemala poised to begin distributing GM, pest-resistant spuds with more vitamin C, iron and zinc | Genetic Literacy Project

Guatemalan President Alejandro Giammattei announced that the distribution of seeds and planting of “vitaminized potatoes” will begin, which are being
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Australia, New Zealand could approve two GMO potatoes after finding ‘no potential public health concerns’ | Genetic Literacy Project

Food Standards Australia New Zealand …. released a call for public comment on an application to approve food from two genetically modified potato lines.
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“Many potato growers are reducing acreage this coming season”

The potato industry in the United States had been enjoying a good market before the pandemic hit. Kevin Stanger of Wada Farms says: “Up until the pandemic hit, the supplies were very tight,…
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Government of Canada invests in new potato innovation hub

Pam Damoff, Member of Parliament for Oakville North-Burlington, joined EarthFresh Farms Inc. CFO Brad Wiseman and CEO Tom Hughes to announce over $1.2 million through the National Research…
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Blight-resistant GMO potatoes show promise in field trials | Genetic Literacy Project

A genetically modified potato with improved tuber quality and resistance to the devastating disease late blight has progressed successfully through the
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Genome Editing Could be Used to Engineer Resistance to Virus and Cold-induced Sweetening in Potato- Crop Biotech Update ( 7/10/2019 ) | ISAAA.org/KC

Genome Editing Could be Used to Engineer Resistance to Virus and Cold-induced Sweetening in Potato: Society and the legislative authorities are often cynical about the presence of transgene in GMOs however, more advanced plant breeding techniques lik…
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