Opinion: Genetically modified crops are tools of sustainability | Agri-Pulse Communications, Inc.

In this opinion piece, Jake Leguee, a Canadian producer and member of the Global Farmer Network, discusses the HB4 wheat (Bioceres) approval and what that could mean for wheat farmers globally.
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High-Iron Wheat Awaits Approval for Field Trials in the UK- Crop Biotech Update (January 5, 2022) | ISAAA.org

High-Iron Wheat Awaits Approval for Field Trials in the UK- Crop Biotech Update (January 5, 2022) | ISAAA.org
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Brazil approves transgenic drought-tolerant wheat – Genetic Literacy Project

The Brazilian government has approved the drought-tolerant transgenic wheat, HB4, developed by the Argentine firm Bioceres, for sale as flour. It is an
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A human protein genetically engineered into wheat plants increases yields by 50%. Is this dramatic tweak replicable? – Genetic Literacy Project

It’s not enough to grow more food—humanity needs to grow more efficiently. With an eye toward feeding the world’s growing population in a sustainable way,
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CRISPR gene-edited wheat with lower carcinogenic acrylamide levels when toasted greenlighted for UK field trials – Genetic Literacy Project

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‘Climate-resilient’ wheat may provide sustainable fiber source, promote gut health | Genetic Literacy Project

Some new crop varieties are bred to be more nutritious. Others are more resilient, bred to tolerate harsher environmental conditions. In a new study,
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