Distant tomato relative the groundcherry: Genetic modification poised to rescue key orphan crop – Genetic Literacy Project

Over 34 million people in the U.S. don’t have enough food. More diverse and adaptable crops are needed to address challenges in food production made worse by climate change. Small, sweet berries called groundcherries may not feed the country, but along with other related “orphan crops,” they could strengthen food supplies.
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Gene-edited GABA-enhanced tomatoes begin shipping in Japan – Genetic Literacy Project

This month marks the start of shipments of tomatoes that control high blood pressure, the first gene-edited food to be approved by the Japanese government for distribution and sale.
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A ‘dazzling, eggplant-colored’ genetically-modified tomato slated for US rollout. Here are its prospects in Australia – Genetic Literacy Project

Last month, the US Department of Agriculture issued a statement on a dazzling eggplant coloured fruit.
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Video: Here’s the story of the pioneering purple nutrition-enhanced genetically modified tomato—and why GMOs are the future of food – Genetic Literacy Project

Plant geneticist Cathie Martin spent years working with snapdragon genes to create a purple tomato that produces more antioxidant compounds. Soon this
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Rethinking anti-GMO sentiment: Antioxidant-filled ‘super tomatoes’ could reset public hesitation – Genetic Literacy Project

Any tomato breed can be transformed into a purple tomato. And purple tomatoes taste exactly the same as their source varietal because anthocyanines are
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Purple tomatoes? Superfood genetically engineered tomato rich in antioxidants nearing United States rollout – Genetic Literacy Project

The purple tomato was created by Cathie Martin at the John Innes Centre in the UK. In 2008, her team reported that mice whose diet was supplemented with
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GMO purple tomatoes with more antioxidants poised for spring US rollout – Genetic Literacy Project

Genetically-modified (GM) purple tomatoes with high levels of health-giving antioxidants – developed by Norwich scientists – could be available in the USA
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Tomato is first CRISPR-edited food to go on sale in the world | New Scientist

A tomato with higher levels of a nutrient linked to reduced stress can now be bought in Japan – it is the first CRISPR-edited food in the world to be launched commercially
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