Viewpoint: Social media amplifies misinformation — No, modern pesticides are not the driver of insect declines and no, they are not poisoning us – Genetic Literacy Project

The aim of the European Seed series on Myths, Fake News, Misinformation and Disinformation is to dive deeper, taking a closer look at a variety of seed related topics. This article looks at the myths surrounding crop protection.Myth: Insect deaths are the result of pesticide useFact: The decrease in insect populations must be studied from various angles and can be linked to a wide range of causes. Mainly climate change, but also lack of living space (due to a lack of open space and/or hedges, for example), all types of soil sealing (due to construction projects and roads), the introduction of substances into the environment (for cleaning and plant protection), an increase in light sources (due to the constant illumination of roads), an increase in traffic (insect collisions), and a lack of biotope protection (e.g., fewer wetlands) all impact insect populations. Farmers depends on and protect insects and other pollinators that are essential for their crops. Many farmers go to great lengths to provide habitat and forage for insects, such as planting wildflowers around their fields.
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