‘Mania of zero risk’: How environmentalists inflame concerns about farm chemicals, increasing anti-GM food rejectionism and the degradation of waterways – Genetic Literacy Project

Food Watch warns, wrongly, that trace amounts of mineral oil can get into our food and seriously endanger consumers, calling for “zero tolerance”
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Environmental and Economic Impact of GM Crop Use from 1996 to 2020- Crop Biotech Update (October 26, 2022) | ISAAA.org

Environmental and Economic Impact of GM Crop Use from 1996 to 2020- Crop Biotech Update (October 26, 2022) | ISAAA.org
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Pesticide residues ‘do not pose a concern for public health’ — FDA reaffirms safety of conventionally-grown fruits and vegetables – Genetic Literacy Project

On October 20, the Federal Food and Drug Administration (FDA) released its Pesticide Residue Monitoring Program Report. According to FDA, their
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‘Are we finally going to overcome the GMO dispute?’: New book explains why scientific proof is not enough to change anti-biotech minds – Genetic Literacy Project

European Scientist: Are we finally going to overcome the GMO dispute? Marcel Kuntz: As Claude Debru points out in the preface to the new book Plant
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Anti-biotechnology critics say the Genetic Literacy Project is a Monsanto-funded ‘corporate front’. It’s not true. Here is the documentation — and a review of the critics behind the disinformation | Genetic Literacy Project

Activist groups opposed to agricultural biotechnology (GMOs and gene edited crops and animals) repeatedly claim that the Genetic Literacy Project is a
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Viewpoint — ‘Selective skepticism’ and media hypocrisy: Why are liberal news sites vigilant in challenging COVID misinformation but give anti-biotechnology and chemical scare-mongers a free pass? | Genetic Literacy Project

In recent months, the mainstream press has been on a crusade against COVID vaccine skepticism, tenaciously promoting science-based medicine and expressing
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Viewpoint: Gene-edited crop developers need to win public trust. Transparency is how they can do it | Genetic Literacy Project

In 2009, the genome editing tool CRISPR was introduced, which allows scientists to edit the DNA of organisms such as plants, bacteria and animals to
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Viewpoint: France’s anti-GMO Green Party committed to a dying breed of ‘radical’ environmentalism | Genetic Literacy Project

The French Green Party is well on their way to becoming the last dinosaurs of a ridiculous and radical ecologism from which other European green parties
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Viewpoint: Fact-checking anti-GMO activist Vandana Shiva’s ‘Poison-Free, Fossil-Free’ food lecture | Genetic Literacy Project

The event was a missed opportunity to have the more nuanced discussion that such an important topic deserves.
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