Push to reform EU biotech crop rules gains strength as some environmentalists, public officials endorse gene editing | Genetic Literacy Project

The latest sign that Europe’s opposition to crop biotechnology may be fading hit headlines late last month. On October 19, the EU’s agriculture ministers
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Viewpoint: Politics and science in Europe: How the development of COVID-19 vaccines highlights ideological inconsistency and hypocrisy | Genetic Literacy Project

The announcement last week that Astra-Zeneca, a British-Swedish biopharmaceutical company had developed the third coronavirus vaccine to show promise in
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Battle over 15-year GMO ban extension rages in Peru as farmers breed and cultivate illegal biotech seed | Genetic Literacy Project

In the midst of a ferocious debate over the future of biotechnology in Latin America, the Peruvian Congress recently extended the
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Podcast: Anti-GMO ‘documentaries’; Cancel culture v Darwin? Biotech chestnut trees | Genetic Literacy Project

o-called ‘cancel culture’ has already taken down a handful of prominent scientists and philosophers, living and deceased. One evolutionary biologist warns
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Biotech Experts to Tackle Global Impact of GM Crops- Crop Biotech Update (October 21, ‘ 2020) | ISAAA.org

Biotech Experts to Tackle Global Impact of GM Crops- Crop Biotech Update (October 21, 2020) | ISAAA.org
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Viewpoint: There’s no such thing as a ‘GMO,’ and the history of potatoes illustrates why the term is ‘nonsensical’ | Genetic Literacy Project

The expression “genetically modified organisms” (“GMOs”) is not only void of scientific value, but has negative effects on agricultural progress and food
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How information design shapes our decision-making? – SAIFood

In a perfect world, people make rational decisions, however, we don’t live in a rational world. Dr. Lassoued investigates what effects our decision making of PNTs.
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Pesticide hypocrisy? EU edges toward banning glyphosate after finding it safe but clears organic copper sulfate after finding it a ‘public health and environment concern’ | Genetic Literacy Project

Of all the elements the EU considers in ag regulations, science gets the shortest shrift.
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