Misleading glyphosate-cancer study Part 2: ‘Symptom of a widespread problem’—Concerns about ideological activism in science research and communications | Genetic Literacy Project

For the better part of four years, a coalition of environmental groups and tort lawyers (aided by the mainstream press) has relentlessly asserted that the
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Viewpoint: Environmental groups attack latest crop gene-editing innovations misusing scientifically outdated 20-year-old anti-GMO arguments | Genetic Literacy Project

“Gene stacking”—the process of modifying several genes or traits instead of just one—has been around awhile. “Golden Rice” is the product of modifying
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Gene editing could produce more flavorful decaf coffee — and combat public’s anti-GMO sentiment | Genetic Literacy Project

Coffee is one of the world’s most popular drinks, but that cup can come with a price of jitters or sleeplessness. The stimulant in coffee — the thing that
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Uncertain future: Will Europe’s Green Deal encourage or cripple crop gene-editing innovation? | Genetic Literacy Project

The EU Green Deal and its Farm-to-Fork and Biodiversity Strategies stipulate ambitious policy objectives that will fundamentally impact agricultural
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“With our new sustainable packaging, we expect bagged apple sales to grow 50% this year”

The Red Prince apple variety was brought from the Netherlands to Canada by Irma and Marius Botden in the year 2000 and is grown exclusively by the Blue Mountain Fruit Company. This naturally…
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Can Biden’s USDA bring America’s animal gene-editing rules into the 21st century? | Genetic Literacy Project

I am in perhaps a somewhat rare position regarding the contemplated USDA regulatory framework, as I actually have several animals from amenable species
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Viewpoint: Europe’s globally important wine industry threatened by pesticide, biotech ‘ ” phobias | Genetic Literacy Project

“Make food systems fair, healthy and environmentally-friendly.” That’s the lofty goal of the European Union’s (EU) ambitious Farm to Fork Strategy, (F2F)
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Japan approves gene-edited ‘super tomato.’ But will anyone eat it? – Nikkei Asia

TOKYO — Food made with genome editing technology is set to head to Japan’s dinner tables for the first time with the government’s approval of a new h
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Push to reform EU biotech crop rules gains strength as some environmentalists, public officials endorse gene editing | Genetic Literacy Project

The latest sign that Europe’s opposition to crop biotechnology may be fading hit headlines late last month. On October 19, the EU’s agriculture ministers
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Viewpoint: Politics and science in Europe: How the development of COVID-19 vaccines highlights ideological inconsistency and hypocrisy | Genetic Literacy Project

The announcement last week that Astra-Zeneca, a British-Swedish biopharmaceutical company had developed the third coronavirus vaccine to show promise in
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