While Africa seeks to harmonize crop biotechnology regulations, activists ‘corporate infiltration’ narrative – Genetic Literacy Project

The African Union is developing guidelines for the use of genetically modified (GM) crops across the continent, officials said, amid criticism from
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Coalition of NGOs Outline Principles for Responsible Governance of Gene Editing- Crop Biotech Update (August 25, 2021) | ISAAA.org

Coalition of NGOs Outline Principles for Responsible Governance of Gene Editing- Crop Biotech Update (August 25, 2021) | ISAAA.org
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GMO social media battleground: Scientists and farmers using activist tactics to push back on disinformation deluge | Genetic Literacy Project

Social media has fundamentally changed how we communicate with each other. Much has been written about the negative consequences of this development, but
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Podcast: ‘Disinformation feedback loop’: GLP’s Jon Entine and geneticist Kevin Folta expose web of anti-biotech groups — and their anti-vaxx, cult-promoting funding sources | Genetic Literacy Project

The Genetic Literacy Project is a popular science news website. A diverse set of articles and viewpoints are presented, with original articles and news
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‘Despite the challenges of misinformation, the technology has enjoyed the confidence of farmers, researchers and policymakers’: Bt insect-resistant cotton celebrates 20 years of increased productivity | Genetic Literacy Project

In the year 2022, Bt cotton will complete two decades of cultivation in India. Despite the challenges of misinformation, the technology has enjoyed the
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Africa cracks down on ravenous locust swarms by ignoring Greenpeace’s anti-pesticide ” rhetoric | Genetic Literacy Project

As nations around the world struggle with COVID-19 and related economic lockdowns, African countries are fighting another plague: swarms of locusts.
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Viewpoint: ‘The Dirty 8’ — Which are most notorious advocacy groups spreading disinformation about food, farming, biotechnology and agricultural sustainability | Genetic Literacy Project

The Organic Consumers Association’s main goal is to acheive 100% organic agriculture within the next 50 years, and
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