50+ scientists challenge Boston College, Florida International for hosting philosopher Vandana Shiva, disseminator of science disinformation on vaccines and crop biotechnology  – Genetic Literacy Project

We are scholars and journalists of life sciences and social sciences from around the world who have published hundreds of scholarly papers and articles about agriculture, food, biomedicine, and related biotechnologies; some of us are science communicators and agronomists.
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Podcast: ‘Disinformation feedback loop’ — GLP’s Jon Entine and geneticist Kevin Folta expose web of anti-biotech groups — and their anti-vaxx, cult-promoting funding sources – Genetic Literacy Project

The Genetic Literacy Project is a popular science news website. A diverse set of articles and viewpoints are presented, with original articles and news
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Viewpoint: Challenging fearmongering — Environmental Working Group’s annual ‘Dirty Dozen’ uses chemophobia to scare people about safe produce – Genetic Literacy Project

EWG claims that it is not out to scare the public, that it only strives to alert consumers as to which fruits and vegetables harbour the most pesticide residues and should therefore, if possible, be purchased in their organic versions. That may be the stated motive, but I suspect EWG is not averse to the donations reaped by the wide publicity the Dirty Dozen list generates.
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Viewpoint: ‘Activists and organizations spread lies about GMOs’ — Nobel laureate chides dogmatic political discourse, highlights decades of GMO’s safe use – Genetic Literacy Project

Misinformation about science, especially genetically modified crops, need to be dispelled and they should be adopted as it is backed by science, 1993 Nobel prize winner for physiology or medicine Richard J Roberts said on November 2.
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Viewpoint: NY Times collaborates with Greenpeace in front page ‘hit piece’ targeting professor working to reduce the sustainability footprint of animal agriculture. Here’s his response – Genetic Literacy Project

There’s a shocking revelation out there, and I am at the heart of it. Are you prepared for this? Animal scientists work with animal agriculture. That’s it. That’s the exposé, the conspiracy that so many activists and journalists want to share with you.
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Viewpoint: Anti-GMO players, from Organic Consumers Association to Joe Mercola to Vandana Shiva, have formed an alliance to target GM crops. Here’s why this is good news for biotechnology and science supporters – Genetic Literacy Project

Alliances and networks is the new game plan among anti-GM activists. Recently, Organic Consumers Association [read GLP profile head Ronnie Cummins announced that his organization was joining with Joe Mercola at Mercola.com.
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Crucial misrepresentations about glyphosate continue to threaten agriculture. This scientist explains how the UN agency IARC appears to have deliberately manipulated the data – Genetic Literacy Project

Glyphosate, the active ingredient in the weedkiller Roundup, was introduced over forty-five years ago and is the most widely used herbicide in the world.
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Beliefs in Conspiracy Theories About GMOs Can Be Corrected Using the Right Information- Crop Biotech Update (September 21, 2022) | ISAAA.org

Beliefs in Conspiracy Theories About GMOs Can Be Corrected Using the Right Information- Crop Biotech Update (September 21, 2022) | ISAAA.org
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Part II: Web of Disinformers: Carey Gillam, the network of anti-crop biotechnology activists, and the funders behind their campaigns – Genetic Literacy Project

Carey Gillam, once a reporter at Reuters covering food and farming, left her job under a cloud, challenged by her editors and criticized by scientists for aligning herself with biotechnology rejectionists.
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Part I: Carey Gillam — Reporter turned organic propagandist who twists science in campaign to discredit biotechnology and conventional agriculture – Genetic Literacy Project

With links to the Church of Scientology, anti-vaccine glyphosate litigator Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., Organic Consumers Association, US Right to Know, and Environmental Working Group, Carey Gillam has led the effort by organic promoters to discredit GMOs, glyphosate, and other agri-technological tools positioned to address climate change. Here’s her story… and why she does it.
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