A Giant Organic Farm Faces Criticism That It’s Harming The Environment : NPR

A huge organic farm that’s backed by General Mills is facing accusations that it’s doing more environmental harm than good. The project shows the difficulties of delivering on green promises.
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Farmers scramble to find herbicide alternatives after court overturns EPA dicamba weedkiller approval | Genetic Literacy Project

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit issued a decision vacating the registrations of three dicamba herbicides, XtendiMax (Bayer), Engenia
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How the pigweed Palmer amaranth became a ‘super weed’—and what it tells us about preventing herbicide resistance | Genetic Literacy Project

Bound up with the bad news of super weeds is good news for farmers — a window of opportunity.
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Losing glyphosate herbicides would be ‘major blow’ to sustainable farming, weed scientist argues | Genetic Literacy Project

Glyphosate, the herbicide that has revolutionized weed control since its introduction in 1974, faces steadily increasing restrictions and in some cases
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