“Trends in the snacking category influence our table grape breeding process”

“Trends in the snacking category influence our table grape breeding process”
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Analysis: Old Southern Hemisphere table grape varieties get left behind while new ones dominate

Southern Hemisphere table grape varieties have expanded over the last ten years and are expected to continue to grow in popularity.
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Agronometrics in Charts: The triumph of white seedless grapes from Mexico

Mexican producers will continue relying on long-term trends and savvy business plans for success this season.
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Five lessons from a climatic catastrophe for the table grape industry

Agronomist Martín Silva Armanet gives his take on the lessons taught by the recent climatic disaster that struck the table grape industry
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Viewpoint: Europe’s globally important wine industry threatened by pesticide, biotech ‘ ” phobias | Genetic Literacy Project

“Make food systems fair, healthy and environmentally-friendly.” That’s the lofty goal of the European Union’s (EU) ambitious Farm to Fork Strategy, (F2F)
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Proprietary Grapes Come With Draconian End User License Agreement

“The recipient of the produce contained in this package agrees not to propagate or reproduce any portion of this produce, including ‘but not limited to’ seeds, stems, tissue, and fruit.”
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“New grape varieties accounted for only 38% of Peru’s crop last season”

While grape harvest has already started in Northern Peru, harvest for the South/Central region is still more than two months away. “Vanguard Peru’s ranches are situated in the Villacuri/Ica…
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“Red seedless grapes are outselling green 4-1 right now”

While the coronavirus crisis has had an immense impact on the food industry at every step of the supply chain, the ports and cold storages have operated close to normal levels since the onset…
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