Low-chill cherries bring new industry opportunities

New low-chill cherry varieties will bring many selections to the international fresh produce industry, with IFG leading the way.
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Peru: Positive results for trials of numerous cherry varieties

Cherry variety trials in Peru have been going well over the last four years, especially for Lapins, Santina and Sweet Heart.
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While consumer fears abate, cherry prices remain depressed in China

During the last week of January, inspectors in China detected Covid-19 on a shipment of imported cherries. The market saw immediate effects from the breaking of this news: prices and demand…
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New Zealand cherry harvest “devastated” by rain – FreshFruitPortal.com

New Zealand cherry growers in the Central Otago region have been dealt another blow this season with heavy rain just after New Year causing major damage.
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New gene-edited tomatoes grow in grape-like bunches – FreshFruitPortal.com

Using CRISPR gene-editing tools to change the growing time, scientists have found a new tomato that is considered revolutionary for urban agriculture.
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Optical sorting technology was crucial during challenging Canadian cherry season

It has been a challenging season for Canadian cherry growers. “I haven’t seen the final numbers, but we are estimating this year’s crop volume to be less than half of last year’s,” says Andre…
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