Podcast: Sierra Club endorses biotech chestnut tree; GM salmon coming this April? Downside of genetic engineering | Genetic Literacy Project

istorically a vocal opponent of genetically engineered crops, the Sierra Club has endorsed the release of a disease-resistant, genetically modified
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Viewpoint: Europe’s globally important wine industry threatened by pesticide, biotech ‘ ” phobias | Genetic Literacy Project

“Make food systems fair, healthy and environmentally-friendly.” That’s the lofty goal of the European Union’s (EU) ambitious Farm to Fork Strategy, (F2F)
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Viewpoint: Modern-day Luddites: How precautionary activism and reporting paint a misleading picture of biotechnology | Genetic Literacy Project

We live in a precautionary era in which technological breakthroughs poised to dominate the coming decades—from artificial intelligence and nanotechnology
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Green Party defends Europe’s simultaneous ban on gene-edited crops and use of biotech in medicine | Genetic Literacy Project

The paper, published by a faction of German Greens on 10 June, offered their support for genetic engineering, saying it could play a key role in
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USDA relaxed its GMO, gene-edited crop rules—but not enough to foster biotech innovation | Genetic Literacy Project

USDA’s SECURE rule fails to move beyond process-based regulation.
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