Honeybees, varroa mites and pesticides: Entomologist explains what you need to know | Genetic Literacy Project

n Florida Matters, we talk with Jamie Ellis, Professor of Entomology and director of honey bee research at the University of Florida. Ellis and his team
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Germany’s ‘save the bees’ anti-pesticide campaign ‘existential threat’ to local vineyards, wine industry says | Genetic Literacy Project

In the vineyards of Oberrotweil and Oberbergen numerous green crosses were set up the weekend. “They are meant as a protest against the extreme demands of
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‘Blame nature not pesticides’: Bee health detectives unravel mystery of 2013 Oregon bumblebee mass deaths | Genetic Literacy Project

In June 2013, in a Target parking lot in Wilsonville, Ore., an estimated 50,000 bumblebees dropped dead. Shoppers reported bees falling from branches and
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Varroa mites central driver of uptick in overwinter honeybee colony losses according to 2018-2019 survey, worrying entomologists | Genetic Literacy Project

Beekeepers across the United States lost 40.7% of their honey bee colonies from April 2018 to April 2019, according to preliminary results of the latest
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Biopesticide spinosad, popular in organic farming, may harm honeybees, study shows | Genetic Literacy Project

Bees have experienced substantial colony losses, which were often associated with insecticides. Besides synthetic insecticides biological compounds such
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United Nations: Intensive agriculture driving bee declines, threatening global food security | Genetic Literacy Project

Declining bee populations pose threat to global food security and nutrition FAO urges countries to step up efforts to protect our crucial allies in fight
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