Chile poised to tackle food shortages and climate change with ‘Golden Apple’ and other CRISPR-edited crops | Genetic Literacy Project

Chile’s intense political unrest exacerbated by months of COVID-19 quarantine has temporarily overshadowed a relentless environmental
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“We see continued growth in high-flavor varieties like Honeycrisp, Envy, and Jazz”

Harvest of the 2020 apple crop started early August in Washington state. “We began with conventional and organic Honeycrisp, followed by Galas, and early Fujis,” says Blake Belknap, VP of…
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Scientists identify new fungal pathogen in New York apples

In a study of New York state apple orchards, Cornell plant pathologists have identified a new fungal pathogen that causes bitter rot disease in apples. Also, a second related fungus known to…
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Lemonade apples from New Zealand making their way into North America

future growth in volume for the apple will rely on domestic regions. “We’ll see quite a bit of growth in planting this year and next in Washington and then Pennsylvania,” he says. “Initial trees went in the ground last season with this Spring 2020 being the first big planting. We’ll see some early fruit in about three years with a much larger jump in four years.”

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Apples in Charts: Is Honeycrisp’s reign over? –

As Honeycrisp apple prices plummet, will the powerhouse variety be able to bounce back as more varieties enter the market and heat up competition?
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New ‘Cosmic Crisp’ apple with year-long shelf life poised to hit stores in December 2019 | Genetic Literacy Project

An apple a day… a year in the fridge, they may stay. A new type of apple was launched that took more than two decades to develop and reportedly could
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“New apple varieties will take over the classic ‘Big Five’ entirely”

For years, the classic ‘Big Five’ apple varieties – Gala, Braeburn, Golden, Jonagold, and Elstar – have made up 85% of Northern European orchard acreages. But, in recent years, Florent Geerdens has…
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