Viewpoint: Collapse of the organic-farming experiment in Sri Lanka has not shamed activist-philosopher Vandana Shiva and other GMO rejectionists – Genetic Literacy Project

Sri Lanka ran an evil experiment on its citizens last year. Under the sway of nitwit organic-food activists, the government banned imports of synthetic pesticides and fertilizers as part of an effort to transition the country to all-organic agriculture, leaving the vast majority of farmers without access to the vital tools they use to grow the crops their country depends on. Polls taken at the time showed that most growers didn’t know how to farm organically. The result of Sri Lanka’s experiment was predictable and tragic: roughly one-third of the island nation’s agricultural land was left dormant in 2021; farmers lost hundreds of millions of dollars in needed income, and there wasn’t enough food to go around. As I explained last September, the government did what most governments do in times of crisis—it deflected, blaming others for the deprivation its policies caused: The president appointed a former military general to serve as “Commissioner General of Essential Services” and confiscate agricultural commodities from “hoarders.” The government then set price controls for these goods “in order to protect the consumers,” which has a well-documented history of causing and exacerbating shortages. Nice job, commissioner.
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